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The New MacOS Monterey

iOS Monterey

MacOS 12 Monterey is finally available for download.  Overall, this update is more of a compelling refinement of Big Sure rather than a complete overhaul of its predecessor. Shortcuts are finally here after being on iOS for the last few years, alongside a redesigned Safari web browser. This update may be irrelevant to some, but it’s going to make a big impact to most of us, once more Macs arrive with the Apple Silicon in 2022.

macOS Monterey price and compatibility

Since 2011, Apple has made macOS a free upgrade for anyone with an eligible Mac or MacBook. The support for this latest iOS, dates back to 2013’s Mac Pros. This updates leaves out Macs from 2012 and older.

  • MacBook 2016
  • MacBook Air 2015
  • MacBook Pro 2015
  • Mac Mini 2014
  • iMac Late 2015
  • iMac Pro
  • Mac Pro 2013

Upgrade hard drive space requirement

The macOS installer is 12GB, but you are going to need a lot more space to complete this process. If upgrading from a newer iOS like Sierra or later, macOS 12 requires 26GB of available disk space to upgrade. If upgrading from an earlier release, macOS requires up to 44GB of available storage space. We would recommend having at least 60GB of available disk space to maximize chances for a successful upgrade. Keep in mind the more space you have available the better off you are.

For Apple full list of approved and supported devices and requirements click here>>>

Before the upgrade backup your system 

Backing up your MacBook or iMac before an upgrade is always a good idea.  Whether you are upgrading from a newer iOS or upgrading an old Mac, you want all your files to be secured during the process. The easiest way to accomplish that, is by using the “Time Machine” app, built into the Mac operating system. If you are not currently using it to back-up your current system, you can find the program in your system preferences. All you would need to save your files and apps, is an external back up disk, available for under $50.00 on amazon. Once the external hard drive is connected to your system, launch the app and back-up to it. Don’t be in a rush, the Backup can take several hours depending on how many files and photos you have accumulated over the years. Our recommendation would be to launch the backup at the end of the day, and let it run all night.

Bottom Line

MacOS 12 Monterey feels as though it’s laying the foundation for the Apple Silicon age of Macs. No Matter where you go in the operating system, you’ll discover a new feature on an app that you use daily. Overall MacOS12 is a solid update. It focuses on refinements that’s going to help you with your productivity while keeping in touch with your friends and family. There is certainly a lot to like, which now makes us wonder what’s next for the macOS in the Apple Silicon Area.




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