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Next Mac desktop operating system arriving this fall

Mac latest operating system

At the World Wide Developers Conference, Apple executives unveiled the latest version of its Mac’s operating system.  Originally, the first Apple macOS was released in 2001 to power the company computers like the MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and Mac Mini. Since them it also served as the platform to the iPhone software. Over the years, Apple added additional software to this platform including the well-known iTunes. It then brought over Mobile Apps, like iMessage, FaceTime videos chat and of course the App Store, which first launch on the Apple iOS platform.

Last year Apple release macOS Big Sur which was a long overdue facelift to its operating system. It included major changes for core apps like Safari, Maps and Messages. Now with the latest macOS Monterey, the company is trying to polish its desktop experience even further.

New feature

One of the most notable feature of the macOS Monterey is the Universal control. It allows you to use a single keyboard and mouse seamlessly across Macs and iPads. Third party apps have offered this capability for some time, but configuration has been hard to setup and finicky to use. Apple on the other hand has made the setup a breeze allowing the operating system to do all the configuration for you.  Additionally you will also be able to cast your iPad screen, music, Videos and Documents to your apple computer with Airplay to Mac. The name pretty much says it all, it’s another way to make it easier to work across multiple platform and to collaborate with other Apple users.

Safari also received a makeover with Monterey, bringing a visually cleaner toolbar, and a thinner look with more compact tabs. Active tabs bars will now house the URL and search fields and can now be accessed through Safari sidebar.

For the most part, it does not seem that Monterey differs too much from its predecessor. That would make sense since Apple considers last year macOS Big Sur one of its biggest OS design revamps.

Compatibility with macOS Monterey

  • MacBook from early 2016
  • MacBook Pro from early 2015
  • MacBook Air from early 2015
  • Mac Pro from late 2013
  • iMac from late 2015
  • Mac Mini from late 2015

When will it arrive?

Monterey macOS is currently available to the developers in the beta version and will be available to the public in beta in the next few weeks. The worldwide full release will come in the fall. Do yourself a favor and keep your mac updated, but be sure to wait a couple of week after the worldwide release. Give some time for major bugs to be identified and fixed before jumping in.  To find out more about this latest update check the Apple website here.


Updated on 6-29-21






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