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MacBook Pro M1 Max Charging Issue

MacBook Pro MagSafe

More users are reporting that the Battery on certain MacBook Pro with the M1 Max Chip, will not charge under certain circumstance. The MacBook pro has a very long battery life (up to 21 hours for some models) but sooner or later you still need to recharge it.

After further investigation, Apple discovered that the issue seems to be limited to the 16-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 Max Chip. This situation occurs when the MacBook is connected to the 140W MagSafe power adapter. This adapter is included with the device for extremely fast charging. This particular issue seems to occur when the MagSafe is plugged in after your MacBook Pro has been shut down. We were able to reproduce the same error with a 16-inch MacBook Pro with the M1 Max. Our MacBook showed the same frantic behavior.

We found that if you turn off your computer before inserting the MagSafe power adapter, the laptop will not charge. The MacBook will make a Ping sound and the orange LED on the plug flashes continuously. This cycle repeats itself in an endless loop and the MacBook battery will not re-charge.

Temporary solution

The only work around we found, is to plug in your MagSafe before shutting down or putting your MacBook Pro to sleep. This solution is not perfect, but it will buy you some time while Apple address the issue in an upcoming macOS update. The Apple tech support we talked to, instructed us to keep our MacBook updated and charge the unit while in sleep mode with the lid open. We also found out, that if you sue a USB-C cable instead of the MagSafe cable the error does not occur.

We don’t know at this point if this error can be fixed with a software or firmware update. Nonetheless this behavior is not acceptable for a device that costs several thousands of dollars. Apple is hard at work trying to understand the problem, and I am sure that within a few weeks we will get a permanent fix for this issue.

We will update this article with any new updates when they becomes available.






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