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We provide on-site PC and Mac computer repair in the Richmond, VA for your home or business. We can fix and upgrade all Apple and PC models such as IMAC, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, laptops, desktops, notebooks on all Windows and Mac Os operating platforms.
Our technicians are fully certified and can diagnose and repair a variety of computer problems ranging from slow start-up, virus infection, hard drive failure or networking issues. We have the resources and technical expertise to overcome any IT challenges that you may have.
Our objective is to get your PC or Mac fixed with a minimal amount of inconvenience or downtime.

Computer repair services available in Richmond, VA


>>>   in-Home Computer Repair Services

Ask yourself, why unplug your computer? and drag it into the shop to wait for days or weeks to get it back? Instead you could have a certified technician fix your Mac (Apple) or PC right where it sits.
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>>>   Business Support Solutions

Whether you have an immediate technical issue or are looking for a long-term IT partner, we are here for you. Call us today and speak with a technician to learn more about our services.
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>>>  Computer Repair Services

Don't let your PC, Laptop or Desktop get the better of you.  We fix all makes and models, whether you need a Laptop repair, Desktop repair or Server repair, our certified technicians have the resources and technical expertise to overcome any IT challenges that you may have.
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>>>  Mac (Apple) Repair Services

We fix all Apple products, iMacs , Mac Mini , MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. Our Mac repair technicians are always near you and ready to assist in a moments notice. Don't let your slow Mac prevent you from getting work done. Give us a call, we can keep your Mac working smoothly again.
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>>>   PC Tune-up and Optimization

Like any investment, your computer needs constant care. If it has been more than six months since the last thorough cleaning, a preventative maintenance visit should be arranged. Sometime a little TLC is all your computer needs to work smoothly again.
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>>>  Virus & Malware Removal Services

We have the means and the tools to get rid of those pesky creator for you. We can completely sanitize hard drives of any trace of viruses and ensure the integrity and safety of your data. Call our trained professionals to check your system and assist you to get your computer back in shape.
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>>>   Network Repair & Support

Networks are the backbone of your IT infrastructure in your home or office. If you are fighting printers that won’t respond, or computers that won't connect to the internet, give us a call. Our network engineers are ready to help you get things running smoothly, and efficiently again.
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>>> Data Backup & Recovery Services

How would you cope if your computer stoped working? Are you worried that your family pictures and personal files are lost for ever. Our technicians can diagnose a failing hard drive before it is too late or help you recover your data if your PC is not powering up anymore.
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Your Satisfaction is 100% Guaranteed.

  • Get computer help the same day in many cases
  • Complimentary pick up and drop off
  • No need to unplug anything
  • Certified technician come directly to your door
  • Data backup and restore (when possible)
  • 24/7 emergency repair and support
  • We service all major brands and models
  • Fast Turn around
  • Remote support available
  • 30 day parts and labor warranty
  • Are you ready to get your computer fixed?

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Is your Mac Backed-up?

In the past few weeks I have met many customers how have been using their MAC for many years but have never heard of the built in backup program that comes with their Mac devices. If you've never used it, Time Machine is one of the easiest ways to back up your Mac, and is great for recovering individual files you've deleted or restoring your entire hard drive in the event of a catastrophe.

How does Time Machine work?

Time Machine works with any external hard disk connected to your computer via USB, FireWire, or Thunderbolt; it also supports Apple's Time Capsule and backup disks connected over a network, provided the disks support Apple File Protocol (AFP) file sharing. As long as the disk is available to your Mac, you can use it for a Time Machine backup. Time Machine automatically backs up your entire Mac, including system files, applications, accounts, preferences, email messages, music, photos, movies, and documents. But what makes Time Machine different from other backup applications is that it not only keeps a spare copy of every file, it remembers how your system looked on any given day, so you can revisit your Mac as it appeared in the past.

When enabled, Apple's backup software takes periodic snapshots of all your files and catalogs them on an external hard drive you have plugged in or a Time Capsule you've hooked up to your network. It backs up the entire contents of your hard disk hourly, daily and weekly; as the drive gets full, Time Machine will delete the oldest backups and replace them with newer versions.
Time Machine can retrieve specific images, folders, and projects from its backup because of its layered snapshot system.
If you need any help setting up time machine on your Mac, our technician are available to help.



MacOS Big Sur is coming this fall

Big Sur is the latest version and the most advanced desktop operating system. It is available this fall for your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and Mac Mini. It is the biggest design upgrade since the introduction of the Mac OSx. This redesign offers a more spacious feel and includes a number of new navigation features making your apps easier to use and navigate. Big Sur include the biggest facelift Safari has ever seen since its original launch in 2003. Tabs have been entirely redesigned to make navigating with safari even faster and more powerful. You can also expect your most frequently visited webpage to load 50 percent faster than chrome on average, making the fastest web browser even faster. Safari also brings some new features while browsing the web. Now, like Google Chrome users, you can customize the new start page with a background image and translate entire webpage from seven languages with just one click.

Redesigned Messages

Messages in this new OSx have also been redesign to include new tools to manage favorite conversations and share expressive messages. For faster access, you can now pin your important messages to the top of your message list, and to help speed up and organize search results users can now organize them by Links, Photos and matching items. User can also customize their Memoji on the Mac and express themselves with Memoji stickers to match their mood and personality.

You can find more information on all upcoming Big Sur updates and feature by clicking here>>>



Apple unveils new 13-inch MacBook Pro (2020)

On May 4, 2020 Apple unveiled a new 13-inch MacBook Pro with some significant updates. This new release is noteworthy for a variety of reason, the most compelling one is the final transition from the old butterfly keyboard to the much improved Magic keyboard. This magic keyboard features and inverted-T shape key design, making for a smoother key travel over the old X shape butterfly.
Under the hood, this MacBook Pro comes also with a number of performance improvement that includes twice the hard drive storage across all configurations and overall faster graphics and processor. This new MacBook Pro can now be configured with a blazing fast 10th - generation quad-core processor offering much improvement over the previous 8th-generation processor and a 32GB of RAM option, formerly available only on the 14-inch and eventually 16-inch MacBook Pro.
Whether you use it for word processing or processor intensive Graphic design, this new 13-inch MacBook Pro delivers powerful performance for it size.

Super light with stunning display

This 13-inch MacBook Pro is highly portable with a weigh of only 3 pounds, ideal for classroom environment and on the road application. The 13 inch Retina display delivers stunning colors and brightness and offers a more natural viewing experience for graphics and everyday task like emails and documents.
Over all the 13 inch MacBook Pro is a strong and safe bet in term of performance and reliability. Check out the Product page for more information.



Worried whether your Mac can get a virus?

A customer last week asked me. “I have a MacBook Pro, so I’m immune To malware and viruses, right?”

While many people may think that iMacs and MacBooks are not susceptible to viruses, the fact is that the Mac users have become a more attractive target, based on Apple increase in popularity during the last few years. Historically, hackers were focused on writing viruses for Windows operating systems because its user base was substantially larger than any other on the market. Now that the MAC users have increased exponentially “by almost 20 percent”, the hacker communities are rethinking their strategies and increasing the attaches on the iMac and MacBook platform to increase their profitability.

While Mac users may not see the Blue Screen of Death that Windows users fear, they are still susceptible to viruses of their own. A few years ago the "Flashback botnet" infected over half a million Macs and created chaos in the Mac community.
Over the past few years, Apple has been taking steps to increase security on there newer operating system like Mojave and Catalina, in response to the increase number of threats that they are actually seeing infecting the Apple Mac computers. However those lagging behind with the older OSx like Yosemite, Sierra and High Sierra are still at risk. To check your Mac OSx version, click on the apple on the upper left corner of your screen and choose “About this mac”.

Sure, Apple MacBook and iMacs are still targeted less than their Windows counterparts, but they can still be infected - and the risks are increasing, which is why you need protection. You don't want to pick up your brand new $2600.00 MacBook Pro, only to have it crippled by a cyber-attack.

If you need help upgrading your Mac operating system to a more secure platform or have questions on how to do it, talk directly to one of our technician, we’ll be happy to help.



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