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Get your iMac , Mac Mini, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air fixed from the comfort of your own home. No need to strain your back moving your 42 Lbs iMac from your house to the apple store only to wait for days or weeks to get it back, when you can get it repaired in a few hours without even having to unplug it.

We're one of the few local-area support companies around Richmond, VA that offers in-home Apple / Mac computer repair and support services. Whether you have an iMac , Mac Mini , MacBook Pro or MacBook Air , our certified technicians can help you with any hardware and software problems you may have.

So why would you bother going through the hassle of trying to schedule an appointment at the Apple store, when you can get the same professional repair service from the comfort of your own home at a fraction of the cost.


 Mac Repair Richmond VA

Apple / Mac Repair & Services

  •  New installation
  • Data transfer and recovery
  • OSx Reinstallation & Upgrade
  • Mac repair 
  • MacBooks Battery Replacement
  • Mac tune-up / clean-up
  • Mac Back up
  • Virus removal
  • Printer installation
  • PC to Mac migration
  • Hard drive / SSD installation
  • Upgrade
  • Folder sharing
  • Remote desktop
  • E-mail configuration
  • Tutorial
    And many more, call for more details.

One call is all it takes

Our Mac repair technicians are always near you and ready to assist in a moments notice. We provide same day service in most cases, so you never have to wait more then a few hours to get your Mac running again. We fix iMacs / Mac Mini / MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. We'll come to your home or place of business to fix the problem right then and there for you. No need to move or unplug anything.

We possess the knowledge, tools, resources and experience to work on any Apple computer and have repaired and/or upgraded countless Apple / Mac computers since 2001. We deliver fast and convenient service without sacrificing quality.

Fully certified technicians
Our dedicated professionals are fully certified and have achieved the highest recognition in the industry. They deliver fast and convenient service without sacrificing quality.

We have one of the best warranty in our industry in Richmond VA, we stay behind our work for a full 30 days. View our policy >>


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Are you locked out of your Mac?

One of the easiest way to get back in again is to reset your password using the built in password reset tool that apple provides with all their operating systems.
first of all You'll need to reboot your MacBook into Recovery Mode.

Step By Step instructions

Step 1 turn off your Mac.

Step 2 with your Mac turned off, press and hold the Command and R keys on your keyboard, then press the power button. Hold in Command+R until you see a progress bar below the Apple logo.

Step 3 with your Mac now in Recovery Mode, click on Utilities in the menu bar followed by Terminal. A new window will show up. Type "resetpassword" without the quotes, and press Return.

The Reset Password tool should now be displayed on your screen with the list of all you Mac user accounts. To reset the password for your account, you'll need to set a new password for all users.

If you have turned on FileVault on your Mac during the initial setup, you have two additional options
to reset your user password. The first option is to wait for one minute on the user login screen for a prompt to instruct you to restart your computer into recovery mode. Follow the instruction on your screen after which you should see a reset password window.

Option number two is to use the Recovery Key that you should have written down when you enabled FileVault during the initial setup, make sure to use upper case letter and hyphen when required.


4 ways to get a free Word processing software on your Mac 


If you're looking for a word processing software, Microsoft Word is pretty much the standard. But to use the software you'll usually either have to buy it or sign up for an annual subscription (Office365).
Even thou there is ways to get it for free, you might be better off with an alternative instead.

In this article we walk you through your options

The easiest way is to do a search on YouTube on 'How to get Microsoft Word for free”. You will find videos that will show you how to download, install and get Microsoft Word up and running on your Mac or PC supposedly for nothing. Unfortunately all the ones we've investigated requires you to download additional software to be bought to hack the serial number and bypass the Microsoft registration process. This is highly illegal and most likely unsafe.

Downloading and installing hacking programs from the dark web on your Mac or PC is the easiest ways to contract malicious software that can cause havoc on your operating system, potentially requiring you to hire a trained technician to clean it all up for you. So, sooner or later you will have to pay for it!

Our advice would be to keep well away from these 'free' routes to Word.

Here are some alternative ways to get what you want

  1. Microsoft Office Online

If your needs are simple, then the free online version of Microsoft Word is your best option.
All you have to do is create a free Microsoft account, but after that you'll have access to a word processor that supports create, edit, and save new or existing files.

  1. Get a free month subscription of Office365

If you only need to use Word for a short time to work on a project, you have the option to sign up for a month's free trial of the full Office365 suite, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote and OneDrive.

Free alternatives to Microsoft Word

Unless you specifically need Microsoft Word, you'll find that there are plenty of great word processors out there that won't cost you a penny.

  1. LibreOffice Writer is another one that's always worth checking out. The open-source software is completely free and yet very powerful.
  2. OpenOffice is another program that will give you the ability to open, save and create word document compatible with Microsoft word.

Remember also that the iPad version of Microsoft Word is free if your screen size is under 10.1 inches, it is especially convenient if you have a Bluetooth keyboard.


New MacBook Pro is More Powerful than Ever

MacBook Pro has been the product name for Apple’s high end laptop since the transition to the Intel processor began in early 2006.

The latest MacBook Pro however is by far the most powerful notebook Apple has ever made. With an immersive 16-inch Retina display, superfast 8-core processors, next-generation AMD Radeon Pro graphics, up to 8TB massive storage, a redesigned magic keyboard and an extended battery capacity, it is the ultimate MacBook pro for the ultimate user.

16-inch retina display
the largest Retina display on a Mac notebook with 500 nits of brightness

Intel Core i9 processor
with up to 8 cores and 16 threads of processing power it delivers up to 2.1 times the performance of a quad-core MacBook Pro.

Up to 64GB of DDR4 memory
for smooth performance and efficient multitasking

AMD Radeon Pro series
Two times faster than previous generation and with the optional 8GB of GDDR6 VRAM, you’ll get up to 80 percent faster performance.

Magic keyboard
1 mm scissor mechanism for responsive and comfortable experience

Up to 8TB SSD storage
Super-fast storage and massive file load

Extended Battery life
up to 11 hours of wireless web browsing and video playback

This MacBook pro is definitely a game changer, see the product page for more details.


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