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We are the affordable solution for your PC & Mac repair in Powhatan, VA.  At Mobile IT, we understand how hard it is to function without your laptop or MacBook. That’s why we’ve trained our computer technicians to work quickly to diagnose and fix your PC or Mac in your home or place of business. In addition to our in-home computer repair in Powhatan, VA , we are also proud to offer a no-touch repair service with pickup and drop off after repair in the Powhatan area , absolutely free of charge. Whether you have an iMac, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, laptop or desktop PC, our seasoned technical team is trained and ready to provide you with quality technical help.

Computer repair Powhatan VA for the whole family

in-Home computer repair Powhatan VA

Home Computer Repair in Powhatan, VA >>>

We've been providing computer repair in Powhatan, VA for almost 20 years, so you can rest assure that our technician will do what it takes to get your PC or Mac up and running in a timely fashion. We work on iMac, MacBook Air, Mac Mini, MacBook Pro, Laptop and Desktop PC. Don’t let your computer slow down your productivity, when we can get it fixed the same day in most cases. More Info  To talk to a tech call or text (804) 347-6647

Business support solutions & computer repair in Powhatan, VA

Business Support Solutions >>>

Are you having an immediate technical issue, or are you in need of an IT partner to take your business to the next level? In either case we are here for you! We service a wide range of industries in the greater Richmond, VA and our certified technicians are on standby to help you resolve any technical issues or answer any questions you may have. We can provide assistance with both Windows and Macs operating systems. More Info  To talk to a tech call or text (804) 347-6647

Laptop & Desktop repair in Powhatan VA

Laptop & Desktop Repair Powhatan, VA >>>

Mobile IT provides quality and affordable computer repair in Powhatan, VA to residential and commercial customers. We can diagnose and repair all brands and models, from the traditional Laptop and Desktop PC to the latest Surface Pro tablet. Our technician have the tools and knowledge to assess you system and provide a solution to your problem. We’ll make your computer behave and run like new again. More Info  To talk to a tech call or text (804) 347-6647

MacBook & iMac repair in Powhatan, VA

MacBook & iMac Repair in Powhatan, VA >>>

During the last 20 years we’ve fixed and upgraded countless of iMac and MacBook in the Powhatan area. We have certified technicians ready to assist you in a moments notice. We specialize in repairing the following models:  iMac 21 inch, iMac 27 inch, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro or Mac Mini. Our Apple experts have the knowledge and technical expertise to bring your Mac back to its former glory. More Info  To talk to a tech call or text (804) 347-6647

Virus & Malware Removal >>>

Is your computer running slow, are you seeing unwanted ads and pop-up windows on your desktop or in your web browser? Your device may be infected with a virus or spyware. Our team can help you neutralize any threats that you may be facing and provide the tools and expertize to assist you get your PC or Mac infection under control. Furthermore we can install an antivirus program to prevent any future re-infection. More Info  To talk to a tech call or text (804) 347-6647 

Computer Cleaning & Tune-Ups >>>

A little TLC goes a long way to prevent down time and keep your computer running smoothly for years to come. If you don’t remember the last time you had your PC or MacBook cleaned up its probably time for a tune-up. Give us a call and have a technician tune-up and backup your device to prevent a major catastrophe, you will have peace of mind and same money in the long run. More Info  To talk to a tech call or text (804) 347-6647

Office Networking & internet security

Office Networking & Internet Security>>>

There is nothing more frustrating than losing internet connectivity in a middle of a zoom meeting or having to constantly re-establish the connection with your printer. If you have a weak wireless signal in part of your house or office, our trained technician can help you solve these issues and install appropriate devices to extend your signal and alleviate any future issues and loss of productivity. More Info  To talk to a tech call or text (804) 347-6647

Data recovery & transfer

Data Recovery, Backup & Transfer >>>

Is your PC or Mac not booting up? Is your hard drive making clicking sound? Loosing Personal files and pictures can be devastating, unfortunately we see it almost on a daily basis. At Mobile IT we can diagnose a failing hard drive and prevent a total loss of data and personal files. Furthermore we can install a backup solution and give you peace of mind knowing that your files are safe. More Info  To talk to a tech call or text (804) 347-6647

Computer Repair Powhatan, VA - On-Site, Affordable PC and Mac (Apple) repair and support for your home or office

During these challenging time our mobile response team will remain at your disposal as an essential service, in order to keep businesses running and help communities around Powhatan, VA with computer repair and technical support. As always we’ll come to your location so no need to unplug or move anything, if need be our technician will do it for you. Our goal is to deliver fast and convenient service without sacrificing quality. Don’t be afraid to give us a call we are here to help.

8 Reasons to choose us?

  1. Free phone estimate
  2. Same day service in most cases
  3. We come to your Home or office
  4. Data backup and restore (when possible)
  5. No need to unplug anything
  6. We fix all major brands and models
  7. Complimentary pickup and drop off
  8. 30 day warranty

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Chromebook or Laptop PC, what should you get?

Other than the obvious Price deference between a laptop PC and a Chromebook (which can be quite substantial) what else can you expect? So without further due, let’s dig in.

Laptop PC

On the operating system (OS) side of things a laptop PC runs Microsoft Windows 10, which has been the predominant OS for over 30 years in the computer industry. Based on this fact alone the Windows platform is compatible with a lot more software, applications and games compared to the Google Chrome computing platform, which in turns has been around for only the past 10 years or so. Windows Operating System is available on a variety of devices, including Desktop, Laptop and tablet.


On the other hand Chromebooks are more affordable than Laptop PCs, which can make them appealing to some people but are also more limited in term of capacity and compatibility with Windows based software. For example if you need to run your accounting software like QuickBooks or Sage for your business, a Chrome Book is definitely not going to be a good choice for you. On the other hand if you just need a basic platform for your kids to access online content and do schoolwork a Chromebook may just be what you need.

Simply put, it boils down to what you really need to do with it. If you’re only planning on sending and receiving emails, do online research and wright an occasional document, a Chromebook is probably sufficient. On the other hand if you are running a business or taking a college class you are going to find it too slow to be productive and definitely very limiting in terms of Hardware compatibility and available software for the Google platform.

The bottom line

If you want to use a computer for business purposes or in a network environment with Office 365, shared files and accounting software, etc… you should probably look at getting a Windows based Operating system.
If you just need to get on the internet occasionally to check E-mails, or wright a document using Google docs, you can probably get away with using a Chromebook.

If you are still undecided and have questions regarding your particular needs, please contact one of our technician at the number above, we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Updated 2-1-21


New redesigned Mac Pro

New Mac Pro

Since 2013, Apple has let the old Mac Pro design completely stagnant. It was small and beautiful and run whisper quiet (nothing short a piece of art that demanded placement on your desk) but the tight integration made it almost impossible to upgrade.

According to Apple the new Mac Pro has been redesigned with easy access to components and a stainless steel / aluminum case that includes handles for modularity. This new design also include optional wheels ($400.00) that can be added to make it easy to transport from one location to the other.

With a price tag starting around $6.000 (display sold separately), this machine is unquestionably designed for the professionals who demand the absolute best performance money can buy. The Apple XDR display is available for purchase separately with a Price tag around $5.000 (base not included). With full upgrade and top of the line specification the high end Mac Pro could cost you upwards of $40.000.

Mac Pro Specs

Intel Xeon processor with up to 28 cores
12 DIMM slots for up to 1.5 terabytes of 2933MHz ECC memory
8 X PCI expansion slots, four double-wide slots, three single side slots
2 X TB3 ports, audio jack, two USB A ports, two 10Gb Ethernet ports
300 watts of power, runs fully unconstrained

Apple also built a brand new card called Afterburner for video editing, 6 billion pixels per second. 3 streams of 8K, 12 streams of 4K. The new Mac Pro is being manufactured in the same facility where the old Mac Pro was manufactured in Austin Texas.


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